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With 20 years' experience, EstheClinic has made a lot of happy customers!


"I’m glad with the results. I’ll definitely be back for more treatments!"

"I went there for a skin rejuvenation, I definitely recommend! Really nice and professional therapist who explained all the steps of the treatment, the salon is super clean and on top of that the atmosphere is really relaxing. Even more importantly I’m glad with the results. I’ll definitely be back for more treatments!"
Amicie D.L.C


"IPL is perfect !!"

"Great experienced to be their client, friendly staffs and good services. IPL is perfect !! I did recommend this treatment to my friend and she is very happy with the result too."
Narissa R.


"I can say first session you can see the changes of your skin"

"I had my hair removal and underarm whitening done here, I can say that first session you can see the changes of your skin, minimal growth of hairs, the pores starting to be invisible. Services and the company staffs are friendly and accomodating. Don't be skeptical to try EstheClinic."
Vic Apil


"My skin tone has dramatically improved"

"Have been undergoing the underarm hair removal and face rejuvenation treatments. So far, the results have been excellent. There's been significant change in the growth of my underarm hair. Actually, I haven't had the need to shave since the 2nd session. Likewise, the face rejuvenation has been really effective. With just few sessions, my skin tone has dramatically improved. The environment is clean and the staffs are great too. I highly recommend this place."
Soniya L.


"After one session only I have lost 3cm in just one month"

"I was struggling loosing weight after my pregnancy and thyroid disorders and couldn’t get rid of my lower abdomen fat deposits. So when we bring in the new painfree cryo fat freezing coming from France, I ran to be the 1st guinea pig! After one session only with one applicator on my lower abs, I have lost 3cm in just one month!! Can’t wait to go for another session and try the rest of my body."
Manon A.

3 days instant youth

"Visible firmed and lifted skin"

"Your reward after three consecutive days of pampering? Visibly firmed and lifted skin that is smoother and brighter, with results that can last up to four months."
Celine T

3 days instant youth

"Works like a bootcamp for sluggish, saggy and ageing skin"

"Get killer cheekbones without contouring makeup The three-day programme works like a bootcamp for sluggish, saggy and ageing skin,it dramatically boost the skin’s elastin and collagen production for higher-looking cheekbones and a slimmer visage – without any pain or downtime."
Marianne W. S.


Lift me up Radiofrequency

"No need to fish for compliments now when your skin is looking this good!"
Marianne W S


"There were definitely noticeable results after the very first session"

"I went in with concerns about loss of firmness due to age and loss of definition along the jaw lines, so I opted for the Lift Me Up RadioFrequency treatment that stimulates collagen production to lift and firm. There were definitely noticeable results after the very first session.The skin along my jaw line has definitely improved and tightened and fine lines around my eyes have reduced.”
Ilona T.


"I've seen tighter pores, a more even and brighter slin tone"

"Though you might have some slight redness, there’s almost no downtime, with visible results the next day, after just one session. I’ve seen tighter pores, a more even and brighter skin tone, firmer skin and a smoother appearance."
Katie R.


"My skin has improved so much I don't feel like I need to wear foundation everyday"

"My skin has uneven tone, I have a lot of pigmentation spots and large pores. I never like to leave the house without applying foundation to make my skin look more even. I saw results after the first session – my skin looked more even and brighter. The best thing is, my skin has improved so much I don’t feel like I need to wear foundation everyday.”
Chris E.


"Takes just 30minutes for the bikini"

"Safe, fast, effective and, most importantly, pain-free. This top-notch IPL hair removal service takes just 30 minutes for the bikini area. We love that the therapists are very professional."
Melissa C.

hair removal

"It's so silky smooth indeed"

"After few sessions realised that hair growth has been stunted significantly, so much so that it doesn’t really grow after I shave for about a little more than a week. Usually, my hair grows out in 2 days which is pretty annoying.Now I can quit worrying about forgetting to shave before I go for my beach vacation! It’s so silky smooth indeed."
Roanna T.

intensive body perfection

"Produced dramatic results that I didn't think were possible"

"Skeptical about slimming and body-sculpting treatments? So was I –I’m a believer in simply exercising and controlling my food intake to bring myself down a couple of inches.But there were certain stubborn areas that wouldn’t budge. The treatment produced dramatic results that I didn’t think were possible.I Tried This Treatment And Shrank A Size In 3 Weeks."
Weekender Singapore


"I was able to pass the dress test"

"After four sessions, I was able to pass the dress test — I could zip myself into a dress I was using for a special occasion, that had been too tight previously. In the following weeks, I dug up some older clothing like a pair of dress trousers I had relegated to the back of my closet, as well as a fitted denim skirt, and found that they definitely fit better."
Renee B.


"I left each time with my acne stars fading and my skin glowing"

“Having been plagued with an acne-prone and sensitive complexion since my teens. The therapists at EstheClinic (who are all medically-trained, by the way!) suggested their LED treatment , as it would brighten my skin without irritating it. I left each time with my acne scars fading and my skin glowing, without any irritation whatsoever!”
Vanessa T.


"After only two sessions"

"In addition to acne-prone and sensitive skin, I also have huge pores. After only two sessions of the LED treatment, my skin felt soft and tender. As for the IPL treatment, it stung a little due to my facial hair, but it helped to reduce the size of my pores.”
Edwin T.


Slow and Regrow Hair Loss Therapy

"There might be some hair loss initally (they are the unhealthy hair), but after a few months, I started seeing some baby hair growing!"
Tiffany Y.


“Short, sweet and painless”

"My first IPL session had me speechless (not literally, as the friendly therapist had me chatting away like we were childhood friends). A comfy bed, a lathering of cool gel and a few up-and-down sweeps of their famed Permanent Pulse machine and I was out of there. [……] Three sessions in and my skin is reaping the rewards. What is left of the hair on my legs is barely noticeable and growing at a snail’s pace, so much so that I no longer have to shave in-between sessions. The hair in other areas is growing back slower and gets finer with every session. Best of all, the service is tip-top and the sessions, oh-so-quick. Perfect for working girls like me, as treatment can be done over lunch and in a jiffy!”
Leanda Rathmell
Expat Living regional client services and production manager


“Bye-bye, ingrown hair!”

"Since the second session, I’ve noticed even more hair loss, to the point where I’ve only had to shave once in the last two weeks. Hair along my bikini line is still noticeable, but there are clear patches of bare skin, and larger clear patches of skin on my legs. With four more sessions to go, I’m excited that I finally may be able to get back into a swimsuit without breaking out into a paranoid sweat!”
Amy Brook-Partridge
Expat Living home and property editor


“Finer hair all around”

"After my first treatment, I noticed that the hair on my underarms was thinning and I didn’t have to shave them every day. After my second treatment six weeks later, I have gone down to shaving my armpits once every three days! With just four more sessions to go, I am excited to see the finished results. I also love not having to dread monthly waxes or underarm razor burns. I am an IPL convert, for sure!”
Natalie Whittell
Expat Living regional brands partnership and events manager


"Very professional service, super clean and modern infrastructure, and great results! Beauty treatments can be intimidating, so don’t hesitate to swing by EstheClinic and have a chat with the staff there – they will be helpful in discussing options and comfort you about the procedures."
Amy Brook-Partridge
Expat Living home and property editor


"So far I’ve tried the slimming treatment, the anti-ageing and the IPL treatment was very satisfied with all. The IPL is very fast and painless; compared to other hair removal treatments. I would definitely recommend it! The staff are very nice and the place is brand new. 5 star experience."


"I'm getting permanent hair removal and... OMG, it's amazing! I also had skin tightening to get rid of wrinkles. It was like a hot stone massage and I don't know what happened but I fell asleep (it felt that good). I woke up looking 20 years younger (OK, maybe I'm exaggerating, but my girlfriends were convinced I'd had way more invasive treatment)!"


"I just had the most amazing anti-aging facial at EstheClinic. It was amazing!!! I fell asleep and must admit, l’m looking very radiant! Will definitely be going back!! And I got several compliments on my face today!"


"I am in the middle of my permanent hair removal treatment and it's just miraculous. If only I had known, I would have had this done a long time ago!"


"I've had permanent hair removal in several areas and it really works. Yes, it's a little expensive, but it's worth it. You need 10 or so sessions on the area for optimum results... there are always a few hairs that resist longer than the others! I've had my upper lip and underarms done and I'm so satisfied that I'm back to do my legs.".


"I've had four treatments at EstheClinic and they're great. Hair is reducing nicely and there's no pain. It's not like the old fashioned laser hair reduction that I had in Australia 15 years' ago - 2 treatments, job done, but OMG the pain! They estimated 10 treatments, which is a full 12-month commitment, but I'm sticking with it."


"My body shaping treatment is done and I’m really satisfied with the results. The team is really professional and friendly. I highly recommend this clinic!"


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