How Fat Freezing Remodeled Body Shaping Treatments


February 14, 2020

Do you exercise and eat a well-balanced nutrition, yet find yourself struggling with stubborn fat no matter what? Well don’t worry, you’re not an isolated case. In fact, as we gain and lose weight, fat is redistributed, and we’re frequently left with obstinate problem zones. This can be endlessly frustrating, as it is difficult to target distinct fat deposits through diet and work out alone, and obviously traditional liposuction poses too many risks.

Thankfully, we have more fat reduction methods today then we ever did in the past, through advanced fat freezing technology. EstheClinic is an industry leader with the only painless and permanent solution available nowadays—EstheCryo. With no downtime, and noticeable results after the first session, you’ll get body confidence in no time.

Fat Freeze with Serenity

Fat removal using cooling and freezing technology, called Cryolipolysis, provides non-invasive permanent fat removal. Commonly, this technology is known as CoolSculpting. However, there are major variations between CoolSculpting and EstheClinic’s EstheCryo treatment that makes our process the best fat freezing solution worldwide.

EstheCryo is Different

Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) is non-surgical and non-invasive. The technology spots and expels fat cells through focused application and freezing of undesired fat cells. These cells are then eliminated through the body’s natural detoxification processes safely and naturally without special medicines, gimmicks or regimes. Results are proven, and the method has been approved by the FDA since 2010. From belly fat to thighs, love handles and arms, Cryolipolysis is safe and effective on all body parts, making it an outstanding possibility for anyone looking to remove and reduce fat.

Nevertheless, not all Cryolipolysis is created alike. CoolSculpting, the most popular form of Cryolipolysis, provides remarkable results but comes at the cost of discomfort, pain, bruising and downtime for patients. Our EstheCryo technology is different. In fact, EstheClinic is proud of offer the only painless and permanent fat freezing treatment in the world! It has been made possible through groundbreaking suction equipment and expertise. Our unique method gradually and elegantly targets fat deposits to achieve all of the results of CoolSculpting without any of the pain.

Unparalleled Innovation

For over 20 years, EstheClinic has offered cutting edge treatments to persons seeking to feel better in their skin, and our EstheCryo treatment is no exception. We believe that improvement comes not solely from aesthetics but also through innovation. Not only is our process 30% more effective and pain-free, it is also fast. Our treatments lasts only one hour and offer least downtime, meaning you can resume normal daily activites after treatment. Through our remarkable EstheCryo process, we have improved upon fat freezing technology, providing our customers with unique, dramatic results that will restore their self-confidence, and there’s nothing cooler than that.

We’d love to help you reach your body goals with proven, noticeable and lasting results.


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