From Beast to Beauty: Men’s laser hair removal explained

Localiiz man-about-town Graham Turner gives us the lowdown (pun intended) on the latest technology to transform hairy beasts into male beauties in the 852.

Let me paint you a picture: it’s 2009, I’m in my early twenties, fresh out the shower at the gym (a membership I’ve long since rescinded as it was cutting into my cheeseburger fund). I notice the gentleman—nay, Sasquatch (#sasquatchshaming)—beside me drying himself off; the poor man’s back looking like an unsettling field of disturbing brown grass. I smile to myself as I appreciate the fact that hair-wise, I’m basically a goddamn Ken doll.


Fast forward to 2017: I’m not smiling anymore. Panic is setting in as I see the beginnings, the flirtations if you will, of unsightly hair taking residence where they just doesn’t f*****g belong. What anthropological reason can there possibly be for me having about a dozen hairs on my shoulders? None. I could plead with a creator whose existence I doubt, I could pour over the works of Darwin to legitimise the need for these follicle perturbations. Or, like a lot of men, I could take action.


Since Einstein established the foundational principles of the laser, it’s served largely as something bitching to include in science fiction movies, but now, it can be used to make guys like you and me look marginally less embarrassing in a vest. In fact, societal norms regarding male grooming have shifted so much that there is now a place in Hong Kong that specialises in laser removal just for men. Laser Kool !! (the exclamation marks are there on purpose, I’m only partially incompetent) is the go-to place for hair styling, removal, and maintenance of your privates with the help of FDA approved lasers. And best of all, they’re offer a free session on any body part so you can see if it’s for you before committing!


More and more men are turning to the laser to not only obliterate those unwanted stragglers, but also to keep their parts neatly trimmed—and we’re not just talking their downstairs. Beards, hands, armpits, knees, and even toes are going under the laser at this popular centre which is thankfully run entirely by male employees and specialist technicians—so there’s no embarrassment, no matter which part of your body you want to focus on.


Men Hair Removal

If, however, you’d prefer to go to a salon that’s less schizophrenic-sounding, then perhaps EstheClinic will be more up your alley.


Similar to Laser Kool !!, EstheClinic uses IPL light that travels through the skin to the hair follicle. This light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair (that’s the colour pigment, in case you didn’t know), causing enough heat to shrivel the follicle and terminate hair growth. Don’t worry, that’s the only thing that’ll be shrivelling.


Next-generation IPL hair removal devices such as MacPeel, which harnesses the innovative technology of Pulse Permanent, allow for very effective and safe treatments. All this jargon basically to say that this is a painless and efficient way to permanently eliminate unwanted hair.


EstheClinic’s quick sessions will also slot right into your schedule. This shortening of treatment time is made possible thanks to the continuous movement of the hand piece, so processing time is significantly reduced. All the sooner for you to get back to the pub.


Typically, you’ll be looking at eight to 12 sessions to remove up to 90 percent of hair. Prices depend on the area you want to treat; for example, getting your shoulders done will start from $1,010 per session. À la carte rate are also available, so just get in touch to find out!


EstheClinic, 16/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central | (+852) 3615 0919 or (+852) 9158 9729 (WhatsApp)


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