Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening

Painfree face contouring. No surgery, no downtime, just results.

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Skin Tightening

The ultimate non-invasive facelift treatment in Hong Kong

This is the lifting facial you’ve been waiting for. Introducing a new generation of thermo-controlled radiofrequency technology that penetrates deep into the skin for collagen stimulation and skin tightening. This collagen boosting facial treatment will firm your skin and reduce fine lines without the need for surgery.

EstheClinic’s Lift Me Up facelift treatment offers visible results after the first session !

Why choose EstheClinic’s Lift Me Up facelift treatment?

Everyone hopes to keep their youthful appearance for as long as possible. Reduce the signs of ageing and restore your youth with our non-invasive facelift treatment. This is the ultimate lifting facial treatment to get rid of crow’s feet, laughter lines and forehead wrinkles.

Over time, the skin begins to lose its firmness, collagen levels diminish, and wrinkles appear. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with it! After a Lift Me Up facelift treatment with EstheClinic Hong Kong, skin on the face and neck will look firmer and visibly tighter, and the jowls and jawline achieve improved definition. Delicate eyelid skin is strengthened and tightened, eye contours are more defined, wrinkles removed and hooding in the eye area is reduced. It’s easy to see why this lifting facial treatment is a popular choice.

With innovative, face-firming thermo-controlled radiofrequency technology developed by the reputable French manufacturer, BVA Technology, you will experience highly effective skin tightening and collagen stimulation after your facelift treatment. Our No Pain System (NPS) promises that your non-invasive facelift will be a pain-free and relaxing experience. Expect to feel fresher and rejuvenated, with your confidence boosted.

The benefits

Renewed collagen

Reduced wrinkles and fine lines

Tighter, firmer skin

Defined facial contours

Improved eye contours and reduced puffiness

Delayed skin ageing

The EstheClinic effect

A non-invasive facelift

Sidestep the risks of expensive surgery with our face-firming thermo-controlled radiofrequency technology. How does it work ? Radiofrequency energy heats the skin tissue, stimulating subdermal collagen production. This collagen-boosting technology is skin tightening and firming, effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin.

Our pain-free facelift promise

This thermo-controlled radiofrequency procedure is totally painless and safe. At EstheClinic, we understand that keeping up with the fast-paced, urban lifestyle of Hong Kong is a challenge. Thankfully, our Lift Me Up facelift treatment does not require downtime from daily activities.

Maintaining the ‘lift’ from your lifting facial

For optimum results, we recommend you to attend 6 to 10 sessions, spaced one to two weeks apart. As your skin will continue its natural ageing process, you should also consider some maintenance sessions in the future. For those looking to prevent ageing on younger skin, a preventative radiofrequency treatment can be carried out on a monthly basis.

The best beauty clinic in Hong Kong

Over customers in France, Belgium, Morocco, Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • Experts in aesthetic and beauty treatments for the past 20 years
  • A beauty clinic network at the forefront of technology, under medical control
  • Devices and programmes developed and tested by cosmetic physicians
  • Alternative to surgery, with visible and lasting results from the first session

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Our happy customers

We noticed a sharper-looking jawline and tauter skin afterwards.
I had a great experience at EstheClinic. They were all very nice and professional. I'm also very happy with the results of my treatments!

Your Lift Me Up facelift treatment questions answered

Our Lift Me Up facelift treatment safely heats the deep layers of the skin with radiofrequency energy, without damaging the outer layers. When applied to the targeted area, the energy will cause the existing collagen in the skin to immediately contract and tighten. Radiofrequency works on the inner dermis layer, and over time, new collagen also forms. You will experience further skin tightening, and increasingly firm and smooth looking skin. This approach, combined with an integrated cooling system, makes the treatment perfectly pleasant, fast and painless.

After undergoing your first radiofrequency treatment, your skin should feel tighter and smoother, with a sensation of being plumped from the inside. Our Lift Me Up facelift treatment will help to improve your eye contours, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and tighten the skin on the neck and jowls. This radiofrequency treatment may also be combined with other aesthetic treatments to tackle other concerns.

To be certain you are choosing the right treatment, and answer all your questions, we always start with a FREE initial consultation.

During this session, an experienced consultant will listen to your concerns and discuss your needs and expectations. After a clinical examination, he/she will be able to determine a facial treatment plan suitable for your skin. The recommended treatment plan may include one or more aesthetic treatments, depending on your needs. The consultant will also identify any possible allergies, skin injuries or ongoing medical treatments – to ensure there are no contraindications to the advised treatment.

Yes, you can! Soothe & Becalm LED photomodulation will complete the results of our Lift Me Up facelift treatment, revealing radiant and glowing skin. Or you can enjoy the combination of Lift Me Up Radiofrequency and LED Photomodulation. Glow-to-Go IPL skin rejuvenation treatment can help you achieve flawless skin without pigmentation spots.

We recommend you also use Le DermaBooster at home, to stimulate the cellular activity and refine skin’s texture.

If you require advice or more information about any of our IPL facial treatments, our therapists are only a quick message away. Get in contact with us today! At EstheClinic Hong Kong, we offer a free consultation to get you started on your journey to beautifully rejuvenated skin.

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